Saturday, February 16, 2008

16th February 2008

Benazir Bhutto had died in the ending of 2007, while an ex-President of a 225-million citenzry with 17,000 islands archipelago, Suharto, entered the realm of latent state in the early of this year.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy wedded his high-profiled girlfriend, while the Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd made a historic apology to the Aborigines, which all took place this month.

Against this media-spotlight frenzy, Kenya experienced one of the worst internal, politically-linked post-eletction civil violence since her 1963 independence, which saw more than a thousand killed with another 300,000 displaced from homes. The United States was rocked yet again by another campus shooting which saw seven dead, while rebel gunmen fired shots at East Timor's President and Prime Minister, which left the former, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning Jose Ramos-Horta critically wounded. All these, and more, unfolding and receding in the sphere of the sub-prime crisis, looming overhead on the world's financial front and engulfing every field of every corner of our modern societies.

By festive moods, the few days of a brand new lunar year have passed, while Valentine's Day has come and go in a blink of an eye. The world has entered the mid February of this four-years-once leap year.

What have I done, I asked, that see me deservedly proud of myself, in this fresh two months of a brand new year. Have I forgotten the resolutions I have set for myself, during the transition of 2007 and 2008? Have I misplaced the letter of determination I have sent to my Mentor in the beginning of January, which carried with it my promise to him, and to myself? Or have I let go of the ropes of discipline, which I chose to restraint myself, when I embarked on the path of my acedemic pursuit? What have I exactly done so far?

In the daily chores and exchanges of living my life, I have overlooked the importance of watching the watch, or reading the clock. Time, as many know, has no absolute unit. It all depends on the specific individual, whom if he or she is keen and sensitive, time is flowing and pulsating at a dynamic pace; if he/ she is lazed and dazed, time certainly flows slower, and more meaningless thus.

It is therefore our own perception of space and time that shapes and determines how and what should we do in the span of this limited amount of time given to us. It is from here that we come to decide which path we should take, and which to avoid, in leading us to a place which we called 'destiny'. It is purely of our own makings, or breakings, that see us to our pre-conceived land.

Nichiren, a 13th century buddhist priest, was born on this day -16th Febraury, in the year 1222. His family was in the fishing business, which was considered a low-ranking job by social status. Armed with the shining identity of a commoner, Nichiren went on to leave behind a huge volume of hand-written letters and theses, transforming the land of Japan from one devastated with human sufferings and natural disasters to one of peace and tranquility, as well as restoring the confused minds and corrupted hearts of the people to one with wisdom and compassion.

It is with such an awe for this eternally brilliant determination to not only survive and succeed in fulfilling one's dreams, or missions for that matter, that I come to view this day. It is again a fresh start from within my life, and one which I am penning it down as reminder.

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