Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pain of Love and Flight of Freedom

Love is a four letter word. Yet it carries one of the largest seed of human suffering and pain. It contains unseen limbs and tentacles, reaching far and deep into one's soul and strike a deadly blow of pain and misery when the person is of the most vulnerable, weakest and unguarded.

It is such a seizing sensation that millions of people worldwide, everyday, every moment, come to fall for it: they know fully the negative consequence and outcome, the almost unbearable heaviness of weight and pressure, but still they would step up and forward, ready to commit their whole being into falling in love.

It may be as much the pre-historic adventurous, wild, emotive and animalistic nature as the ancestral tamed, refined, logical and scholastic selves we inherited from our ancient forefathers that we are all spurred and agitated, propelled and compelled, to find that single, matching and eternal-bound life-partner amongst the five billions of human population residing on this beautiful planet.

It is such a journey, in this world, in this lifetime, that millions would come to conclude that with this undying love found, life is thus worth living for, and at times worth dying for.

To fall in love with someone! To be loved by someone! To be cared for and nurtured, like a child in warm, protecting arms! How much of a beautiful entity can one's life be, the moment he/ she is falling in love? In that life-changing and soul-exchanging episode, nothing else matters anymore. In both of their eyes and lives, their union of hearts at that moment contains the entire fleet of human passion and beauty, logic and emotions, beginnings and destinies. For once, they would care for someone not because they are asked to; they would be refined and contained not because they are required to; they are beautiful and joyous not because they are instructed to. From the depths of their lives, everything suddenly has its meaning sprouted; everything has its beauty shines forth; and everything has its happiness illuminated.

Those who have fallen in love are indeed happy people. To love, and be loved. What more would one ask for, in this lifetime?

Against all odds, and however, it is always in the midst of such happiness that suffering and pain seeps in, disrupting all senses and capturing all hearts with disarrayed orientations. It is one moment which is most heart-wrenching, most heart-piercing, most heart-suffocating. It is almost as if the world is coming to an end, and that there is simply no more hope in the next moment. It is one moment that one would consider meeting death in order to release that unbearable, unbreakable, unforgiving pain spiralling in the innermost core of the heart. Certainly, physically shattering the flesh-and-blood heart is surely one way to free all built-up and pent-up tormenting weepings and torturous cryings. It is where one would consider freeing his suffering in order to free his soul.

How magical yet dangerous can love be? It is one ancient question no philosopher can answer.

Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International, ever said this:

We can lose ourselves in romantic attachment, but the truth is, the euphoria is unlikely to last for long. Indeed, the likelihood of undergoing suffering and sadness only grows over time. As long as we remain unable to redress our own weaknesses, we will be miserable no matter where or to whom we may take flight. We can never become truly happy unless we ourselves undergo a personal transformation.

True to this words, life is in actual fact like a mirror, a magnet. It attracts what is stored in its own inner realm, reflecting selectively by what is found in its own shell. Thus we see lovers of all sorts of types, coming together happily but yet ending up miserably or even tragically. It is because they would only choose what they wish to see - be it the other person's strengths or weaknesses. It is during occasions of happiness that one's strengths and positive side arise; similarly it is during moments of negative downhill that weaknesses are detected and surfaced.

The illusion and distorted visions of love generated befits exactly the eternal saying, " love is blind". No one can escape this, and no one would disagree it.

To love oneself, to love one's parents, to love one's family, to love one's environment, to love the community, to love mankind, and to finally love the world-at-large. How magnified can one's love be? It will all be depended by the depth and width of one's heart. It is the exact hallmark in determining the fundamental spirit of being a human. It is from there that genuine, undying and life-space penetrative love can be given birth and grown.

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