Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year Begins

I am beginning this post on the 31st December, 2007 @ 9.52 p.m., Singapore time.

The weather has been well, though there is a little too much of humidity; the night sky is grayish, with clouds pressing down on the atmosphere. There may be rain in the coming hours, or the early morning of a brand new 2008 year.

1st January. What a beautiful day it is! It is a day that holds everyone's breadth and binding every human's attention altogether. It is a day that marks the beginning of a whole new year, a time that signifies the revival of a whole new self, and a moment that speaks of a whole new chapter in the history of humankind.

It is one single event that does not need explanation or elaboration. Everywhere one turns to, every person one meets, and every corner of every city, the first day of the first year always evoke unspeakable and unexplainable sentiments. It is a day which everyone wishes each other the best in the coming year, a time where everyone greets each other with smile and kindness, and everyone prepared to open his or her heart for each other, which may have been shut close all the while in the year.

It is primarily a time where humankind is ready to shed off her old, heavy self in replacement for a fresh, light and new one.

Introspectively, human beings are always attracted to matters that bring and bind them together. From ancient times till this moment, from the heavenly bodies of the Sun, Moon, clouds, lightning, to the natural manifestations like the blossoming of flowers, falling of petals, swaying of trees, descending of snow flakes, all of these mundane phenomenas capture and captivate the outer expressions and inner sentiments of humankind. There is a river in all of our lives, a garden with full blown lilies or roses, a mountain with majestic peak, a reverberation and echo of wings flapping or birds crying, all found and contained in the folded layers of our consciousness.

Similarly in nature, when the first day of a brand new year arrives quietly and serenely, it is of the most natural instinct that one would look up to the night sky, and all around him or her, that the heart beats a little faster, and emotions rushing up to the eyes and the mind. It is a time when one is connected to everyone and all.

It is of this significant moment in time that humans always come to return to their primal core; a centre-spot in their lives that they come to feel and sensitize the every single element around, above, below and inside them. It is a time that they return to their original identity as compassionate creatures of this planet that they are awakened to their own inner Universe - a Universe of Life.

It is with this realisation that one comes to remember and recall of that he or she is indebted to. It is with this wellsforth sense of gratitude that a fresh determination is born, concurrently arriving at one's heart as the day of the new year descends. It is a time when one is fully reborn with the new human year.

The world has not stopped revolving, and I have not stopped observing. From the United Nations to countries of United Kingdom, South Korea and Japan, they have all seen a new leader for themselves. Thailand has ousted their leader to just replace with another unwelcomed one, while the nuclear-held Pakistan came to experience one of their worst and most tragic loss of political leader in the final hours of 2007, with chaos and unsettled, raging hearts ravaging the land still of this moment. What stability one country is enjoying would just be a contrasting reflection to another country's karmic turbulence.

At a time when the world needs more awakened souls and enlightened lives than ever before, I pray tonight that the coming of this brand new year would mark a grand significance for the entire humankind to rise above her old, painful past to fully embrace the golden rays of a brilliant, happiness-filled future.

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