Friday, October 05, 2007

Friendship and Memories

I was walking in a mall yesterday when I heard a familiar song. Instantly I knew that it was a popular hit in the early part of 2000, or even earlier. It's titled "The Day You Went Away", by this beautiful group called M2M.

M2M was made up by 'Marion Elise Ravn' and 'Marit Elizabeth Larsen', who are two Norwegian girls. Both were born in a small town of Lørenskog, Norway, where they met each other and, through the passion and love for music, became what they known as, 'best' friends'. In their mid teenage years, they formed a band and began writing and singing songs, enjoying the first fruitful and spiritually rewarding years of their music lives. When they were being approached by music company later, they moved out of their band and created what was known as 'M2M'.

With a strong chemistry between the both of them, a rare musical presentation of playing their own instruments, and all the more a sense of grounded maturity unseen in many teenage girls, these two shy and sweet gals began a world tour when their first and second albums became hits in places like Asia, Australia and even U.S. On stage, behind the scene, on and off camera, and moving or switching roles during performances, their instantaneous eye-contacts revealed and bespoke of an almost perfect synchronisation and understanding, mutually supporting and wishing each other the best. In an unspoken manner, they have shown to the world that above everything else, friendship between two true friends holds no bounds, and certainly no grounds for any tainting. They really sang with their hearts and souls as two best friends.

However, as of all beautiful matters in this world, good things often come to an end too swift, too soon. Upon the release of their second album, their music company Atlantic Records decided to split them up, with an ironical offer to one of the gals - Marion, a one million-dollar contract. She took it up, reportedly with the blessing of Marit, and began her solo career. Till this day, they have both cut their own albums, and was heard to have not contacted each other much. time and tide swirls and twirls men and women of passion and purity! They were so young when they stepped into the competitive world of music-making, bringing nothing along with them but their friendship and support for each other, and written so many wonderful, memorable songs for so many people from all around the world! In between every line and breadth they made and took they captured thousands of hearts of all those who admired their rare mixture of country simplicity and modern maturity. When the world is just about to be offered a colourful gem of talent and innocent beauty, humans' crafted interventions discarded and aborted it, terminating once and for all a chance for the world to be submerged in their innocence and gentleness.

While listening to M2M's songs, all memories of what I have experienced and felt, seen and heard, remembered and faded, in my early schooling years, came back flooding and overwhelming me. It was then that I realised that when something is so close to your heart, it actually fuses with your soul and life, and remains there undetected for many years. It's like a key to a lock that puts away countless memories for good, temporarily. Along the long course of our river of life the key was buried deep down by forgettable mundanities . We then lost touch with all that are buried in our hearts - the joy and pain of having the first crush, the instability of stepping into a new class, the uncertainty of facing tomorrow, the insecurities of making and meeting new friends...all of them carving deep cuts into one's conscious being in one way or another, leaving indelible markings in the depths of our lives. Finally, we began to close ourselves up and tell our hearts that there could not be beauty and simplicity, joy and harmony, and true friendships and honesty in this world anymore; certainly not since the days we shared all our laughters and tears with our childhood pals or 'best' school friends.

In the voice of M2M, I have found my own treasure case, locked up and chucked aside since many years ago. It was when opening it that I realised, after everything has been said and done, nothing else matters as much as true, simple and pure friendship. It is in fact the hallmark of a human being - to be a true, honest friend to another human being. As I delved into all memorable emotions of my early youthful days, I re-visited an old friend of more than fiftteen years in the evening earlier. This is perhaps the first step of the minimum I can do to answer to my inner urgings to cherish what I have on hand right now. It is a call of my own humanity to blossom and flower, treasuring what I have been endowed with and returning what I have possessed.

Capturing M2M's shy, gentle faces in my mind, I moved on with a renewed dtermination in not allowing my friends to slip past me, and history, again.

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