Monday, September 24, 2007

Nuclear Proliferation & The Expansion Of Life - An After Thought

Humanity has come to a crossroad - either to carry on living his life in a fleetingly shallow and temporal hedonistic way, or to rise above all else and be awakened to the truth.

More often than not, truth is always a bitter pill to swallow, and along the way heaviness and sensibilities seep in, waking the person up and crashing him down to ground from the air of mundane joys and excitement, all in a flash of a moment. For once, he feels a sense of strange sentiment never felt before; something tinkling in his veins, playing tunes in his mind, and setting his gazes on horizons never set on before. This we would presumptuously named it as 'awakening'.

Education since ancient times hold significant positions in societies. From farmers guiding his children in the work of sowing and harvesting to professors imparting knowledge in lecture halls, education epitomises the very light of being compassion. Its very centre core mission would be to lift one unrefined human being out of his own delusions about the external world and his own inner Universe, to a state of being keenly aware and sharply sensitive toward them. It would be an almost noble sanctity of purity and love, for only a human can teach another human; just as only a life can polish another to become a shining gem.

While we were at schools, we were taught the dangers lurking in our surroundings - fire, electricity, flooding waters, deadly poisons, steely knives, they all pose inherent but imminent dangers. We were all taught to stay away from them. And what about strangers? Not to follow them, not to accept their offerings, and not divulge our particulars to them. From the haven of education, we learn how to protect ourselves, and the very important aspect of our presence called 'safety'.

However, and sadly, we stopped short in teaching ourselves the greater, all powerful and an overwhelmingly pressing danger - nuclear weapons. Does it not occur strange to one that while we are instilled with knowledge of safety and danger for ourselves from our very youthful days, reminded constantly of the content, and thereafter impart them into the next generation, we choose to conveniently overlook and ignore the basic yet most important issue facing us all? Does it not occur weird to him that little has been mentioned about this one single, massive and devastating threat, ready to ignite in any second and terminating every single life-form on this planet, including the very existence of this planet itself? Fundamentally, if something should ever happen, no one would even survive to tell the story beyond. Against the background of our uncertain future, this is one thing for certain.

Irony has its own workings amongst us; we have become short-sighted and be overran with concerns only for and of ourselves. Sometimes a little more encompassing and we may robe in and share our friends' joy and sorrows; at other times we have visions only for our own future.

Nuclear weapons and wars are ironically the best and worst element to bring humanity to come together. No other such entity comes close to adopting this role. In the face of this common danger, humanity must be awakened to the dire consequence, should one deluded human being decides to use it and have the launch button pressed. No amount of protection, no depth of underground tunnels, and no distant retreat into the woods, would ensure anyone any rate of survival. It is almost a sure-death situation that humanity faces, in comparison to matchstick fires, electric short-circuitry or traffic disobedience.

In another round of irony, it is perhaps also in this worst situation that hope is found in restoring not only strength in fighting against this gigantic threat, but also the essential lesson about the sanctity of life and the dignity of the human race.

It can almost be likened to one being turned off by the stench and sight of the mud, but captivated by the fragrance and beauty of the lotus flower. They are both mutually exclusive, yet intricately supporting each other.

While nuclear weapons are created by humanity's basest self, it must then be humanity's responsibility to ensure they are returned to that devilish function, unused. In the wake of the 62nd anniversary of the droppings of atomic bombs, humanity is faced with her greatest threat and ironically, the greatest chance for securing a lasting peace and an era of life.

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