Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nuclear Proliferation & The Expansion Of Life

August is a month I would not forget. For one, it is my birth month. Secondly and ironically, it is the death month of my father.

Incidentally, it is a month that bears witness to the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr's "I have a dream" declaration, but yet also carries the unimaginably heavy load of deaths of the Hiroshima's and Nagasaki's people.

Humans are born short-sighted. Physically we are only capable of seeing a limited distance, usually not further than 500 metres. Given some good weather and environmental conditions, we may see more than we normally do, but that's all about it.

Mentally we are not spared from such an inborn dysfunction - we more often than not fail to grasp and understand matters and issues that are far away from us, though they may be directly affecting our very lives. It is always the eyes that are playing tricks on us, telling us only to believe what we see. When we do not, our minds would comfort us back to the relaxed, carefree joviality.

This is perhaps why we all need education. Not to impart things we are not known of but to merely re-awaken those senses which we have long forgotten, and re-kindled the sensitivity that is found inside us, since time immemorial. Campaigns are one such medium in fulfilling these objectives, for they place matters right before us, our eyes and reflect to us the messages of truth and reason. In one way or another, our lives are directed and/ or re-aligned by those messages.

Till date, there are about 20,000 nuclear weapons held collectively by five nuclear-armed countries: China, Israel, US, Russia, UK and France. While these weapons are more than sufficient to disintegrate Earth more than once, the figure is still expanding. Humanity could not be further from peace and security, and closer to 'total death' and 'pure destruction'. Nothing would survive from the blast.

However, there remains a shield of barrier, constantly obstructing one to be truly awakened to the severity and magnitude of this issue. Why is this so?

The reason, as I suspect, lies in the returning of an awakened life back to the 'microcosmic' self, a more shallower and superficial entity. Overwhelmed by his own personal interests and pursuits, the devilish functions hidden in the mass arrays of nuclear weapons would soon be undetected and unguarded. Unknowingly, we have let this devil slipped past our defences and took root in our hearts. Unconsciously, we have allowed the pain and misery, which had had happened to thousands of humans, and more rightly so to be happening on us anytime, to fall into unawareness and lifeless repetitions. In short, we have lost touch with our innate humanity, the very breadth that propels us to live, think and behave like human beings. Once lost, we are really not much different from those robots or toys manufactured from factories and delivered to racks for display. They too are not endowed with humanistic qualities and consciousness.

When was the last time we feel death around us? Was it when we saw a dying bird, a dead cat or the passing of someone close? When was the last time we feel insecured? Was it when a fight had broken up near our house, or when our safety was threatened? And when was the last time we felt pain and emotional? Was it when we have hurt someone, or when we have hurt ourselves? When everything has been said and done, what is left behind is the underlying message, that for what we do not see or experience, they are all there always, existing around us and residing in all of us, be it the understanding of emotions, the realisation of pain, or the enlightenment to death.

Nuclear weapons are exactly of such: they require every one of us to understand, realise and be enlightened to the fact that there can be no tomorrow, no future and no life to talk about, if we do not care that much of this one single severity.

It has always been there, this issue of imminent threat and danger of highest level. It is just that this matter requries every single human soul to come together, and drawing forth that invisible threads of determination and conviction, to rid this single mortal devil off from this world we live in. Only when this stream of hope and awakening gathers strength and momentum that it would expand to become a substantial force of humanistic energy that humankind would be able to free himself from the long-overdue shackles of fear and instability. It is only when such a force be present in our world that this planet would be safe from total destruction and inescapable disintegration.

For this world really belongs to us, not them.


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