Thursday, July 26, 2007

A View Out The Window

The weather's been quite mild and soft on us, the people living in the near-Equator island of Singapore.

Usually, in this month of July, the harsh sunlight wouldn't be that kind and gentle, allowing the hazy clouds and occasional breeze to take the limelight and centrestage. Now with a heavy humidity and a grayish skyline pressing down, the weather couldn't be any more unpredictable.

I have gotten myself the precious time to stay at home today, and with no pre-conceived strategy I stepped up to the window and took a view out from my living hall. The view has certainly caught my attention. With a hint of inspirational spark, I took out my handphone and took a shot.

That moment of 'spark', to be more exact, is a thought that whilst I am born in Singapore, and living here in this area for more than twenty-five years, I have not actually taken a good view at my surrounding. True, I may have been familiar with all that are around me, and having seen and heard and know their existence for such a long time, their images would have long been imprinted in my sub-consciousness.

To see everything that is so close to us requires minimum effort and time; more often than not, we might even waive them away, assuring ourselves that they certainly do not deserve such amount of attention. It would probably only be when we travel to another new, fresh and unfamiliar place and territory that we find our curiosity triggered once again. It would probably be then that we begin to really open our eyes and actively search for things and matters which are alien to us, unseen, unheard and unexperienced before.

However, life always inspires us with unexpected twists - it is more often than not that the true meaning of existence lies not some faraway, secluded places, but very much near us, in our families, and definitely close to our heart.

Be it a call from a long-lost friend, the greeting from the hardworking road-sweeper for our neighbourhood, the fragrance of the rain, to even the daily limitless generosity showered by our parents, these elements are definitely true reminders to us of our own purpose in life - to make this world a better and more beautiful place, starting right from where we are.

While this view from my window has been with me for many years, I do believe anyone who sees it for the first time would agree that my living area, while is 'normal-looking' and plain, manifests a sense of grounded tranquility and peacefulness. Something I only got to see it today, after overlooking it for a long time. From here on, I shall be mindful and sensitive of my surrounding even more.

While chanting and offering my prayer, the pressing humidity gave way to thunder and rain, washing away the suffocating heat and pressure in the air. Darkness and gloominess gave way to light and freshness. The whole atmosphere changed in the blink of an eye.

It's certainly a beautiful world out there.

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