Monday, July 16, 2007

A Time for Ourselves

Time, something abstract and unseen, yet so powerful and overwhelming. It is practically the pair of hands that move and propel everything forward, toward all destined and decided venues of consequence and fate.

When one ponders over how this element of 'time' comes into play in the human drama of living and evolving, he/ she would certainly come to see that it the beginning, there had in fact not have any mention or inclusion of 'time' in the entire book of human history. Our ancestors, the Homo Erectus, evolved from their forefathers of Homo Sapiens, would not have any notion of what 'time' is. They were engaged in the mundane activities of survival, of birth and death.

It was when the world changed, when our ancestors came to be more acute in their sensitivities toward their surrounding that they began to realise that there seemed to have a fixed pattern, an invisible yet written destiny in everything around, and inside, them. They then realised that everything had to follow a certain rhythm, with nothing falling out of this loop, and no forces to counter it. When the weather turned cooler, leaves began to fall; when the heat retreated, the crops ripened; when the sky turned dark, the moon and countless stars began to appear and radiate. Even amongst themselves, they witnessed a similar pattern - once they were young and youthful, they had begun to experience strain and pain when they lived for long enough. Soon, one by one, they would stopped their activities totally, and slept into permanence.

It was from first hand occurrences that they finally come to formulate what 'time' is - it's something unseen, but yet moving almost everything on a strict rhythm and at a systematic pace, with nothing and nobody left out of this invisible chain of forces.

If 'time' is of that strict and uncompromising, then the furthering implication for anyone to worth spending time pondering over would be: what is the purpose of having a human existing on this planet? What exactly moves in this Universe of ours to have a life generated and, taking the form of a humanoid, comes to appear in this world as a human being?

By the Buddhist perspective, it is 'karma' that propels a life to take the shape of a human and, carrying the baggage of two pools of positive and negative energy, this particular life takes presence on this planet. While the pool of negative energy marks the undesired episodes occurring along the course of that human life, ironically it also turns out to be the exact source of motivation for him/ her to overcome all misfortunes and mishaps, and emerge as a victorious champion of life, securing an unparalleled state of triumphant joy and immovable optimism.

From here, one is able to see that it is because of one's 'mission' that he/ she is born into this world - to reveal all potential and talents, uncovered, untapped and unknown even to the person concerned, and to fulfill the pre-destined purpose inherent in the depth of the one single human life. From here, the ultimate objective of a human's existence is affirmed, declaring the primary and most important goal of all - the completion of one's character for the accomplishment of macro goodness in this world.

In another word, one's 'karma', or misfortunes, carry exactly the seed of insurmountable happiness and unsurpassed victories for that person. It likened perfectly to the silent resilience displayed by the lotus flower, rising from the muddy pond and blossoming fiercely in the air and into the sun. So must Man rise from his own sadness and demeaning whirlpool to construct and erect a fortress of indomitable courage and spiritual strength.

We are all given the same amount of time. 24 hours per day. We are all given the same quantity of sunlight, rain and breeze. We are all endowed with the same capacity to breathe and live. Therefore, it can be deduced that we are also all endowed with the same mission to walk and live on this planet. And it's certainly up to us to come and be enlightened to our own innate call, that faint yet never-ending yearn to break free from our old, fatigue shells and rise to become the genuine heirs to the unspoken lineage of justice and righteousness. Ultimately it is really up to us to uphold that unseen yet blazing flame of truth to fight all evils that plaque and feed on humanity. It's really on our shoulders that the pillars of this world depend on, not anyone else's.

Our time in this world is limited. What we are here for thus becomes evidently clear. It is truly up to each of us to locate our own mission in this lifetime and begin this inner journey of external, active contribution of peace and happiness for humanity all around. After all, what matter would be more worthy, what cause nobler, and what action more honourable, then to offer one's life towards the construction of a grand, towering edifice of true happiness in every single life on this planet?

Against this ever changing world of mundanity, a moment dedicated to ourselves for the awakening is truly a time worth living.

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