Friday, July 06, 2007

Earth 07.07.07

I'm beginning this post at the hour of 10.37 p.m. of 06/07/2007, Singapore time.

The whole world is awaiting for the arrival of a once-in-a-lifetime date - 07.07.07. While this unique number will re-appear in every subsequent hundred years, everything would have changed over this long course of period. Once this day of 2007 is passed, most of us here would probably not live that long enough to witness the arrival of such a date, ever again.

Time waits for no man. In the face of this monumental significance, Man becomes ironically small, while the meaning of this phrase becomes unusually large and gigantic.

True to its entirety, no one can never hold 'time' in the hands, grasping and securing it fixed. It just somehow slips away through the finest gap and tiniest hole. This is all the more startling true the moment one's instinct of his/ her own presence is dimmed and blunted, overwhelmed by the thousands of occurrences taking place all around. As we live through our lives, and walk into the ever-changing world, our innate senses of 'time' and 'life' become weaker and weaker, constantly ravaged by the harsh circumstantial elements.

Until one day when these inborn senses finally wither and disintegrate, those who unknowingly went through this transformation would come to see that they are left with nothing but empty shells of humanoid forms that go through the lifeless motions of 'living' and 'breathing', forever unable to locate that primal spot of living consciousness. It is the very spot that allows one to be awakened to the inner ocean of humanism, enlightened to the fact that for every breath one takes, every thought one generates and every move made, the Earth is absorbing and responding to all of them - like a mother watching gently at her own wilful children and experiencing exactly the same sentiments as them.

It is, in a word, that the Earth is in fact sharing that same exact rhythm of which every life on the planet falls on and immerses in.

Therefore, at that most fundamental level of Life, there's no difference between a flower blossoming and a breeze blowing, the flapping of sea waves and a change of seasons, the rise of Venus and the fall of meteors. They all share an identical, unseen yet equal force of rhythm, all-encompassing and permeating.

It is here, in this invisible flow of rhythmic energy that humans come to realise that they aren't an independent herd of species, relying upon their own abilities to survive and prey, or to be preyed and faded away.

From the Egyptians to the Mayans, from the Chinese to the Greeks and to the Indians, these great civilisations had had all realised that they were not alone here, on this planet called Earth. They had all shared an unspoken linkage between themselves and everything around them, including the starry heaven above, and the earthed ground below them.

They drew inspirations from the stars, enlightenment from the formations, and deep understanding from the soil and earth. They realised that there was a constant flow in the seasons, a consistent move for the Earth, a periodic beat for the rise and ebb of tides, and certainly a fixed regularity for their own lives also. In short, they have come to be one with the Earth's rhythm.

It was from then that these enlightened humans formulated the calenders, charts for sowing and harvesting, time tables for sunrise and sunsets, formations and movements of stars, to even birth and death of their people. They certainly have had lived their lives based on this unseen force which had been so intricately and closely woven with the very core of their lives.

It is also with this enlightenment that they come to harbour deep respect and revered attitude toward the environment they lived in. Knowing that whatever they had were all given by the earth, they returned their gratitude by treating it humbly. From the woods to the rivers, from the soil to the fruits, these ancient yet wise beings possessed an almost religious disposition toward their own environments, protecting it from all unnecessary harm and damage, mending it with utmost care.

'Live Earth 07.07.07' is a 24-hour live performance that will be held in 7 continents, 10 countries and beamed across the world and believed to be watched by 2 billion viewers from all over the world, with an underlying message for environmental protection. While the world may be awed and impressed with megastars gracing the event, what they have perhaps failed to realise is that in every human heart there lies a piece of grassland urgently calling for protection and restoration to it's initial purity, and in every human life there lies a decaying spirit desperately yearning for an reawakening and rebirth of that humble soul. It is only with this inner transformation in human lives that Earth would really come to be alive, its soul restored by the fusion of Earth's life and Humanity's spirits.

It's 12.01 a.m. on my computer screen. Welcome 07.07.07, Mother Earth.

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