Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Functions of Karma (Part II)

As described below, the negative or positive energies, now stored in the eighth consciousness, will be called forth when all external factors are pulled in and placed accordingly by the mysterious force.

It is exactly the same force driving the Universe to go through the cycles of formation, continuance, decline and disintegration, a cycle which coincide with our lives of birth, aging, sickness and death.

When would be the 'best time' for a person to receive his retribution or fortune, one may ask. This would be the moment when another person, or many people, whose lives are manifesting the exact same nature of karmic expression that the said person will come to meet his negative state or positive rise in life.

Imagine a jig-saw puzzle. One holds a piece and it will not mean anything. There maybe imprint or designs on it, but one would never be able to decipher what exactly is it. It is when the singular piece is merged with many other pieces that a picture is formed. For once, the pieces of cards bring forth a 'meaning' to their own existences.

Life is exactly as such: one person living in the mountain or deep in the forest will not come to understand, realise or even be enlightened to the wondrous and mystical power of this invisible law of nature. It is when he walks into the masses, the commoners, the secular crowd that his life begins to transform and re-mould to take on a different shape. To begin with, he has to deal with external elements of human negativity ranging from anger, impatience, arrogance, rudeness, wickedness, cunningness to positive expressions of kindness, forgiveness, understanding, friendship, love and compassion, that his life begins to respond and react to these elements. It is in this exact course of human interaction that his truest nature is brought forth. Whether he is selfish, patient, gentle, hypocritical or naive, every single trait of his character will reveal to its minutest detail.

It is here that a seed is planted in the internal 'field' of his life for every thought, word and action generated. It is here that his future is determined, the coming path decided and the final chapter written. The theory of 'Oneness of Body and Mind' is thus manifested to its utmost limit by the countless examples of human expressions, where however fleeting a thought the mind generates, the physical body responds to it. An angry thought not only raises one's blood pressure or heart beat; every single cell in that body basically carries the element of raging anger. A compassionate act on the other hand, spurred by one's courageous righteousness, brings forth a calming, or even soothing, effect on the body and mind. The strict law of cause-and-effect is simply all-embracing and permeating. There's simply no escaping from one's own inner function of life-condition.

Beside one's physical body of flesh and blood, karma is also manifested through the realm of the environment. Regardless of whether a single person or of the entire population of a nation, all that have happened or taken place did so for a very specific reason: in the very depths of their lives they have been destined to encounter an incident together. Nothing is meant to be 'coincidental' or 'by chance'. The strict law of causality contains no loopholes in the design of karmic expression. All that has happened to a person, right up to a nation or even civilisation, comes with a definite cause and relationship.

It is by the invisible hand of this mystic law that all who have to undergo certain karmic manifestations are 'destined' to come and meet with each other. Whether it is a group of people traveling in a tour bus and encountering a minor incident or major tragedy, two persons unknown to each other met and became friends or classmates, lovers married to become husband and wife and encountering some obstacles along their marriage path, or even a country that sees itself plagued by natural disasters, inefficient governance in responding to these calamities, and the inability to lift itself out of poverty and unending turbulence. ALL of these expressions manifest to point to one direction, revealing the single enlightening theorem of 'Oneness of Man and Environment'.

Herein lies the core and explanatory reason of WHY some countries enjoy peace and tranquility, while some others are constantly ravaged by natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, politicians' failures of inadequate actions, and utterly poor management by the government, that commoners' miseries are multiplied and not reduced. It is in fact the 'collective karma' of the people of that particular country that they are destined to encounter and undergo these trying tribulations. In this regard alone, no money or external, structural reforms of any kind would help in lifting the entire karmic-stricken population out of its own whirlpool retributions. The ONLY way to change the environment is to conduct a thorough inner reformation within the life of each person, where ultimately all internal changes and revolutions will be reflected in the external conditions, thereby eliminating the negative aspects of their lives' collective projections, and introducing the flowers of good fortune and happiness.

It is with this exact enlightenment that the second President of Soka Gakkai, Josei Toda, on 16 March 1958, made an impassioned cry of wanting to eliminate from the world the existence of nuclear weapons. Truly indeed, he has perceived right through the exact nature of these weapons, which upon all analyses, come to reveal themselves as the darkest form of human natures - the decision to sacrifice millions of human bodies and lives in a single second effectively and efficiently, which in turn will destroy half of the planet Earth by every mean possible, for the singular, devilish purpose of 'winning the war'. In the light of humanity's collective karma, nothing could be more devilish and destructive than this.

In retrospection, the third President of Soka Gakkai, and the first President of Soka Gakkai International, Daisaku Ikeda, has been warning humanity through his annual submissions of Peace Proposal since the 1980s. Where once no one pays attention to listen to his constant urging of striving for and securing peace, harmony, respect, understanding, tolerance, dialogues and happiness, the world has now turned their gazes and ears to him for guidance and wisdom, all because of one tragic incident named 9/11. In the recent years of humanity's history, no other event gathers as much attention and inquisitions as it has, and the tragedy of so many lives lost ironically gave birth to a new generation of people rising from the ashes of pain and grievances to seeking out insights and thoughts on how to live one's life to the fullest, free from anger and revenge. Against this grief-filling world, a whole new frontier of humanism characterised by joy, hope, strength and dreams awaits all of us, endearing the humanity of its beautiful, rainbow-coloured future.


Lis of the North said...

Two thought-provoking posts here. I think I will come back several times to read them and improve my understanding.
Best wishes to you my blogging friend.

StormRider 謝|羽|豐 said...

Sorry Lis. Haven't exerted enough effort to fight against my inner inertia to write constantly! Will muster more strength to win over it.

In addition, realised that my first part of 'The Function' post is messy; have sorted and cleaned it up. Thanks for your messages! You indeed appear as a positive life-function to me. :)