Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Saddam's Hanging & The World's Cheering

The title can be read in two ways: 'Saddam's hanging and the world IS cheering' (for his death), and 'Saddam's hanging & the world'S cheering' (for a brand new year).

Both titles, with one minor difference, tell two totally different stories miles apart from one another - one is the world cheering for a human's death, while the other is for the birth of a new year. In a short time span of two days, life and death met and the world was engulfed in euphoria.

I have spoken on Saddam in my earlier post, and I also have objected on Took Leng How's death penalty.

In the event of Saddam's hanging in the final hours of 2006, I again wish to reiterate my stance - I do not believe taking away another person's life will come to mend, amend or alter any existing or potential conflicts. The emotional wounds of all who have suffered under Mr. Saddam's tyrannical hard handed rulings may, if they ever wish to, sore a little lesser. However, no one can ever confidently declare that their sufferings are really over just with the hanging of this man. In fact, for those who live in rage and hatred toward Saddam, their regret might be added one layer more - they couldn't lay their hands on this man anymore. And so hatred is now mixed and bred with pain of regret.

As the world welcomes a brand new year of 2007 with cheers and wishes, I ponder quietly who would come to remember this man named 'Saddam' and branded a 'tyrant'. A man who, as reported in going all out to crash his enemies, is also the one who did not fudge when facing death. When the time was up, he didn't accept the hood for cover-sake. Instead he faced the invited witnessing group with his face fully uncovered, as he did in facing the world with his entire being, right to his final breath. Regardless of his strengths and weaknesses, his right and wrong doings, he had lived a life according to his wish; he lived by his own conviction. That, to many, is never a simple thing to achieve, and for Saddam he had done it his own way.

The world may now have another reason for cheering out loud: Saddam was hanged. However the people in Iraq are still facing turbulence and confusion, miseries and suffering. Would the cheerful notes the world is singing be translated into concrete actions in alleviating the suffering of the Iraqis? Would the tolling of the Roman bells eliminate the painful memories of the war victims all around the world? And would the snow flakes mankind is spraying on one another be able to rewrite a dark, hopeless episode into a flurry-white, bright future of hope? As we enter a new year, a new chapter in human history, I ponder quietly.

Post Script: I do not agree to Saddam's hanging; all the more I denounce the uploading and sharing of video clip for the unfortunate event. To take away someone's life is one matter; to film and play it, showing the man transiting through the realms of life and death over and over again is totally quite another. That act of filming and uploading it onto the net is as much an atrocity as Saddam's wrongdoings. Two wrongs simply don't make one right.


Lis of the North said...

I'm very much in agreement with you on this one - no crime can justify the capital punishment. No matter what Saddam Hussein did in his lifetime, he did not deserve to go to his death being taunted and filmed.

Lis of the North said...

Hi Stormrider,
I just landed on your blog. I used the "Random blog" link from homepage. It's been interesting to read your posts. You have some interesting thoughts! In answer to your question, I'm not mommy with a headache. But I think she sounds fun! :)
Now I know where to find you, I think I'll visit sometimes.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read a bit more on this site soon. BTW, pretty good design you have here, but how about changing it every few months?