Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Year's Reflection

New year's day has gone passed us, unknowingly to many, for eleven days already.

"How time flies!" one would exclaim. True to these words, time slips past our hands like running water or moving sand, constantly sliding and never able to grasp it.

Many people do not list out their resolutions anymore. They have come to realise that either it is too tall an order for them to achieve all or some of those listed out, or simply they are living out their existences on a day-by-day basis, monotonous and sometimes even meaningless. It cannot be denied that it is indeed a sign or symptom of 'mental desertification' for the 21st century humankind, living in this high-speed, fast-paced technological age.

In the spirit of welcoming a new year, I renew my inner determination to strive for the targets I have set forth for earlier on. Targets, something which are always tempting and desirable, are perhaps one main driving force behind the survival of humanity. We are born a 'hunter', not a prey. Even by our physical bearing, where our eyes are ingeniously crafted to be together and high on our head, we are destined to be the hunter since day one to venture out into the wild for targets and kills. It is of this exact ability and driving force that propelled our forefathers to survive in their world of animalism, through the long journey of the natural selection and evolution to arrive at this modern day of science and logic.

Nature returns to it's original breadth, flowers restores it's fragrance for blossoming, and the seasons retraces it's path of cycle. Everything has been given a new lease of life. How wondrous can life on this planet Earth be. With a renewed sense of gratitude, I pray for the world to be a better place.

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