Monday, November 06, 2006

The World Is Changing

Today (06/11/2006) @ 0010 hrs, I decided to log on into this long-neglected blog site and refresh my determination to start again this inner journey of mine - toward self-fulfillment and realisation of my mission on this planet, in this lifetime.

Thus I decided to pen down recent events that took place and having a significant impact on the invisible flow the World has chosen, and the direction humanity may have desired.

For the sake of future references and restropection here are the events:

Sept 19 (Tues): Thaksin pushed out from his seat in a bloodless coup.

Oct 1 (Sun): Retired army chief Gen. Surayud Chulanont appointed as Thailand's interim President.

Oct 9 (Mon): North Korea's nuclear testing a 'success'; declared to World.

Nov 3 (Thurs): Taiwan President's wife reportedly indicted on corruption and forgery charges.

Nov 6 (Sun): Alleged 'war criminal' Saddam Hussein and half-brother convicted to death sentence. World applauds 'justice' for him.

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