Monday, November 06, 2006

Took Leng How

I missed out Huang Na's case in my first post.

Took Leng How was executed at dawn, 6 a.m., at Changi Prison on 03/11/2006 (Friday). By and large, this is not a case of 'international interest'. A murderer served with 'due justice' is just another murderer amongst the hundreds or even thousands arrested every day all around the world.

The victim, a six year old girl, is of similar identity: a victim for a murder case, happened everyday in all around the world. If such case is risen on a much larger scale, where we call 'war', there are easily thousands of millions of 'Huang Nas' who lost their lives in those senseless, mindless conflicts, throughout the history of mankind.

Of course, for those who killed one, they are termed a 'murderer'; for others who started a large-scale war, they are 'heros' and 'victors'. The distorted perception of the world is truly a fearful weapon - it's like a miror that bends and breaks up the truth into pieces, and presents it in a totally different appearance to the world.

Took Leng How was born on 16 Dec 1981. He died on 3 Nov 2006. In such a short lifespan of 24 years, he witnessed and experienced first hand all the sentiments found in this world - happiness when marrying his Indonesian-Chinese wife, excitement for welcoming their child, fear in the course of his escape to Malaysia, worry for his arrest during his hiding, emptiness when surrendering himself, sad in seeing his distraught parents and grevious wife; hopelessness when receiving the verdict. All was swelling up in his life in that short timespan, from escape to arrest, ready to swallow up and savour him. It did in the end.

Whether one believes in him or otherwise is no longer an issue. With the hanging of Took Leng How on that fateful day, all was buried with his departure from this sadness-filled world. The question lies in: how do you feel when one is being executed? At the end of the day, who comes or leaves this world is never our concern. The real question one ought to ask oneself is what exactly an emotion are you harbouring when facing birth, and death. That lies the very core we are carrying all this while, living and breathing our very lives on this blue planet we call 'Earth'.

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