Wednesday, November 22, 2006

China, India & The Tripod World System

President Hu made a landmark visit to India on Nov 20.

China and India - two of the great Spiritual countries which have inherited more than three thousand years of human intellectual and wisdom consciousness, have finally met and shook hands with each other.

For the past 50 years, both sides have been plagued by their own karmic turbulence. Social, economic, political and even environmental unrests have almost torn the two countries, from their own within, apart.

"When the people of the country is wise, the country will prosper", so goes the old wise saying of the ancient peoples.

Against the current political background of our international arena, this is even more true. More so than ever before, humanity urgently yearns for a wise leader to lead them out of the almost-never-ending miseries. Year after year, decade after decade, human kind suffers under the despicable and ruthless handling of the countless leaders, political or religious alike, and give away their most precious possession - their lives - in a simple word 'go'. Soldiers lost their lives in meaningless wars; brainwashed religious followers committed suicides in the name of their god. Such is the insanity of our present human trend - crystal-like wisdom and desire for living on and better gives way to unquenchable hatred and undying wrath.

Undeniably, the names of these leaders go down in history as devilish functions scathing the face of this Earth, and of humanity's.

Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International, expounded the theory of the 'three-point world system'. It is based on the novel 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms', where then there were three kingdoms: Wei (魏), Han (漢), and Wu (吳). The lead character in this great novel, 'Zhu GeLiang' (諸葛亮字孔明), was thrice invited by warlord Liu Bei (劉備) to assist him in conquering the Kingdom of Shu. It was only on the third visit that Zhu agreed to Liu's request. That promise marked the life of Zhu, and the eternally shining example of a disciple's unforgiving gratitude toward his mentor of life.

Incidentally, it was also in that last visit by Liu that Zhu presented a plan for the acomplishment of Liu's desire. A plan that would even be applicable on today's political and socio-economic arenas - in order to secure lasting peace for all worlds under heaven (天下), one must have an alternate and opposing force strong enough to withstand the powers from other external sources. Simply said, a singular force controlling the world would not help in generating well-being and happiness for the people. One must see that there're two or three forces in the world, all strong enough to hold up to each other. Only this will allow the people living under the hands of these forces to be happy and well.

It was with such a macro-cosmic magnitude of world view that Zhu impressed Liu. True to his words, Zhu was never a tyrant or dictator. All he ever wanted was to fulfill his mentor's dreams and desires, and a simple promise he made when Liu was still in his hut. That burning light of a disciple's heart shone to the very last moment of Zhu's life.

The trip of President Hu to India holds such a magnificent significance. The world must never see one single dictating power controlling and deciding which direction humanity should take.

With the uprising of the two gigantic economies of India and China, the world would see an improvement one yearns so long for; a tripod-stand world system which all three powers rely on each other. One falls and all other will fall and fail in their individual missions as well.

With these three pillars, the U.S., China and India, holding up the shelters for humanity, the daily prayer of Dr.Daisaku comes a step closer in taking a concrete image of what 'world peace' comes to be seen. As promised in their joint statements, China and India will work together peacefully, for the sake of humanity and the world.

It is a world system the U.S. may not wish to see, but certainly one beneficial to all human beings on this planet. The echoed fortune brought forth by this system will be unimaginably large, and Dr.Daisaku will, as I firmly believe, witness the coming of age of this humanity's long-yearned desire.

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